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The new album, “Ecto-Kitt-Lorean” is available now on iTunes and Amazon. HOWEVER, we also have a High-Def video of the live performance at the Creek and the Cave in Queens! For the full, unedited, hour-long show, send an e-mail of inquiry to And for $5 over Paypal I will WeTransfer the entire performance to you personally! Own a digital copy for yourself, your club, and bring Yo into your living room.

Wanna invite Uncle Yo to YOUR nearest convention? Contact your local convention and DEMAND(politely of course) that they invite him as a guest.

Did you know that Yo is offering discounted Skype shows specifically for colleges and anime club? Contact to learn details.

If you’d like to share con stories or just gush, wipe away the foam from your mouth and contact for more information.

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