Every Monday his podcast, “We are the Geek” tackles current issues, reviews shows and features up-and-coming convention guests, or fan-lebrities as Yo puts it. His two latest albums, Ecto-Kitt-Lorean and Matching Hair Clips are ready for download at Amazon and iTunes for your enjoyment.

His web work can be viewed with cameo on several Nostalgia Critic reviews, including starring in the 5th Anniversary short for Thatguywiththeglasses.com, DragonBored. Yo was also featured on SchnozMan and Hole Punch at Stayballsy.com as florist sociopath and super-villain, Jeff Regean. Earlier, he was featured on the Youtube series Doujinopolis alongside producer Mario Bueno and Fakku’s Jerk-it Jenny.

AniFusion - a special event in the Lower East Village

Representing American Otaku in New York City

Uncle Yo, the geek-specific stand-up comedian…

From Otakon to Anime Expo, Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer teleports to anime, comic book and video game conventions performing his unique brand of geek-specific stand-up comedy. Panel leader, Cosplay Masquerade MC, playwright and dedicated podcaster, Yo goes where he is needed to celebrate fandoms, welcome newcomers, and promote equality. You can also hear him voice every dog and trainer in the Android game “Top Dog: Lucky’s Charm.” He is the self-published author of “The Anime Convention Survival Guide” as a single on Amazon as well as the roast of the 1996 Doctor Who movie starring the 8th Doctor on iTunes.

Bravado Aside….The Man Behind the Yo

In 2007, Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer graduated from SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory or Film & Theater Arts with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing. In 2008, Custer moved to New York City from PA to pursue a career in writing and a bad habit of video games. He has since found his niche in the Big Apple, appearing wherever American Otaku (a.k.a. anime fans) gather to celebrate their love of Japanese culture.


We are the geek, without us pop culture is obsolete.
All kids side with either Sith or Jedi.
Get your sci-fi fling on from Wookie to Klingon, we rock to Ewoks.
Light sabers and photon torpedoes ready to go and give a lickin’
‘Till it ends up parodied on Family Guy or Robot Chicken.
Live long and prosper, run your course
When geeks die they enter the Force.
We don’t fear invasions from the Martians or the Borg
Because these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

We are the geek, hardcore gaming is all we seek.
From pwning noobs, woot dings, leet speak button-mashing, Rock Band thrashing.
From the roots of Nintendo to Mario, to Sega Genesis, one nation under Playstation.
We’ve had our iddy-bitty Wii Mii’s on the 3D HD TV screen, see?
Get a load of the invincibility cheat code – it ain’t game over ‘till epic fail – you’ve lost the game.
No evasion of the zombie invasion, we’ve had our training from Left 4 Dead Rising, that is a must,
And all your Grand Theft Auto are belong to us.
MMO’s like Everquest, oh WOW, cross my Halo, hope to die
Unless you get shanked by the Team Fortress Spy.

We are the geek, praise the Otaku, those anime freaks.
Magical school girls and harems are shojos, Shonens will ever increase.
Mechas will wreck us and ninjas will win ya, for everyone else there is Bleach.
Naruto pins on their backpacks
Manga buttons on our cat-ear hats.
From Project A-ko to Xenogears, Vampire Hunter D Grayman, Darker Than Black Butler, from Trigun to Sailor Moon.
Let them glomp, let them cosplay, let them have their yaoi schoolboys and fan dubs,
Fansubs, fanfics, fan letters for worse or better.

We are the geek, without our dice rolls we’re incomplete.
Every Winter-een Mas Day, we LARP, tabletop role-play.
Earning GP, HP and XP, drowning in our mana pools with 2nd edition old school rules.
It’s D&D: level up or shut up.
Spell-casters and tanks, clerics and rogues adding up skill ranks.

We are the geek: we are underestimated, underpaid and under-medicated.
If you’re not gonna enjoy yourself, don’t get out of bed.
If you won’t live your dreams, you’re better off dead.
You bet we own the Internet. No longer freaks
No longer meek, no longer weak,
But each unique
Standing complete
Muggles cannot compete
We cannot be beat:
We are the Geek!