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In case anyone wants to stop by,

I made public my closing rant off the self-titled album, “Ecto-Kitt-Lorean.” This is a rant nearly three years in the making, pondering over drafts and gags and cut-aways to get the pacing just right. It outlines out the Expendables SHOULD have ended, with the greatest action stars combining their skills to take down the ultimate 1980′s enemy.

I rarely divulge my process, but I’m very self-conscious about my words flowing, avoiding words with too many vowels and ending words with consonants if the first letter of the next word starts with a consonant as well. All the while trying to get the weirdest, hardest consonant at the end as the punchline. I aim for hard sounding, obscure words, “goulash” instead of “soup,” names like “Brenda,” “Bertha” instead of “Jennifer” or “Tiffany.”

The hardest thing for me is the transition. How do you develop instant trust within a half minute or even one sentence. My role model, George Carlin had it mastered. Before concluding “Life is Worth Losing,” Carlin set up that he hoped natural disasters always get bigger. From there, he could detail a fire in LA leading to a reset and Big Bang of the Multiverse itself. His structure leaves me in awe, and his ability to keep writing and memorizing. You’ll see a LOT of Carlin in my pacing and direction of thought. He was, after all, my inspiration for writing.

It’s a lot like my other closing rants, “Myass vs Yermom,” “Doomhammer Tuesday,” and “My Ultimate Anime.” E.K.L is a labor of love and I hope you’ll appreciate it.

You can view the video by clicking here. Remember, Ecto-Kitt-Lorean.



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