Ecto-Kitt-Lorean is Finally Available

Oh my Stars & Garters,

After months of planning, the new album, “Ecto-Kitt-Lorean” is available at Amazon and iTunes. I’m a bit proud of the material, dealing with Bronies, Sailor Moon, Iron Chef, and my first attempts at slightly more mainstream stand up.

You can find the album at Amazon here.

But I hear your concerns. Will the esoteric references still be there? Will the manic energy still be there? Will it even be the same silver tie?

Oh, yes. With a few side-projects coming up soon, and more and more people downloading “We are the Geek” and getting in the dialog, the engine keeps moving forward. I’m gonna try some more Kyubey videos for fun and a new segment called “Selfish Pabu” for the new season of “Legend of Korra.”

Great, big thank yous are in order. First off, thanks to Ametto of Gay Breakfast for the amazing cover art job. Special thanks to the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, Queens for putting up the show. Special thanks go to Richard Baldovian of Trifocal and Mario Bueno himself for dual-producing, putting together the Kyubey videos, the new Youtube Account, and the constant traffic. This was one of the scariest moments in my career and I just want to say that I didn’t fill the space, my FRIENDS filled the space. I had dedicated fans traveling in from upstate NY, PA, NJ, and all around on one of the coldest nights in January.

See you at a con very, very soon.

Live, laugh & glomp,



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